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What excites me is helping people get a new, empowered perspective about themselves and what's possible in their lives.

Donald Trump Inspires Me

Donald Trump inspires me to look at my own shadow. Where is my bigotry, my fear, my hatred? How do I bring those shadow attributes to the light and confront them with understanding and a desire to heal? He inspires … Continue reading

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Invitation to 58 acts of kindness

On January 8th, a birthday I share with Elvis, David Bowie and my Uncle Rab, I will be 58 (although I don’t feel a day over 35). Recently an acquaintance, Bunni, extended an unexpected kindness to me. Then I experienced … Continue reading

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Ending 2014 and Creating 2015

Here are some questions to consciously end 2014 and set a clear intention for 2015. Enjoy! Completing 2014 What was the greatest lesson you learned in 2014? What did you change in your life because of that lesson? What is … Continue reading

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Renegotiating Commitments

Although I have a commitment to write my blog each week, last week I observed resistance. Is it time to reevaluate my commitment, I wondered.  It wasn’t okay to just ignore the commitment to write. Either I write or I … Continue reading

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Musical Messages from the Universe

Recently I experienced such a profound betrayal that I couldn’t sleep at night. As I attempted to come to grips with the situation, I began to notice musical messages from the universe. Part of what led to the betrayal was … Continue reading

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Drinking from the Saucer

When asked how she was doing, a woman I know answered that her cup was overflowing and she was drinking from the saucer.  The visual made me smile and I always remembered it. Recently I had a ‘drinking from the … Continue reading

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More Tales From The Foot

One of the most difficult parts of my recent foot pain was my inability to take my morning walks. These walks not only provide physical exercise but refresh me mentally. As my foot began to heal, I slowly and carefully … Continue reading

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Solving the right problem

When I lamented to my friend Cathy, a former hairstylist, that my coarse hair made it difficult to care for in South Carolina’s climate, Cathy’s response surprised me.  She said that I didn’t have thick, coarse hair, just a lot … Continue reading

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The foot that keeps on giving!

Anticipating a long wait when I accompanied my husband to his doctor’s appointment, I armed myself with a book.  About twenty minutes into our wait, it occurred to me that we should sit closer to the entrance to the doctor’s … Continue reading

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Moving slowly in a fast paced world

“Toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the heel bone, heel bone connected to the ankle bone…” We used to sing this song as kids.  Recently I’ve had a practical understanding of the song’s wisdom. Putting … Continue reading

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