Donald Trump Inspires Me

Donald Trump inspires me to look at my own shadow. Where is my bigotry, my fear, my hatred? How do I bring those shadow attributes to the light and confront them with understanding and a desire to heal?

He inspires me to ask what kind of community I want to live in and how can I contribute to creating that community? What gifts and talents can I bring to the table?

He inspires me to have compassion for those who are hurting and fearful and have a sense of ‘us’ and ‘them.’ And to have greater compassion for myself when I feel a sense of separation.

He inspires me to manage my focus and attention. Do I choose to focus on what I don’t want or what I want?

He inspires me to love and accept myself and others even more. How can I bring more love to every situation I encounter?

Right now, I can’t use the ‘P’ word before his name. So I will simply and affectionately call him Mr. T. Bless you, Mr. T. And bless each of us as stand together in love and acceptance.


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What excites me is helping people get a new, empowered perspective about themselves and what's possible in their lives.
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