Renegotiating Commitments

Although I have a commitment to write my blog each week, last week I observed resistance. Is it time to reevaluate my commitment, I wondered.  It wasn’t okay to just ignore the commitment to write. Either I write or I re-examine my commitment to write weekly.

Many years ago I learned that when I break a commitment to myself, it diminishes self-trust. So I’m taking the time to reconsider and decide if I want to recommit.

The questions I’ll mull over include:

  • What does the commitment to write each week mean to me now?
  • What benefits do I receive from the writing?
  • What potential benefits might others receive?
  • Does the process of writing each week uplift me and give me joy?

We’ll see where these questions take me.

What have you learned about keeping and renegotiating commitments?

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What excites me is helping people get a new, empowered perspective about themselves and what's possible in their lives.
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