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Renegotiating Commitments

Although I have a commitment to write my blog each week, last week I observed resistance. Is it time to reevaluate my commitment, I wondered.  It wasn’t okay to just ignore the commitment to write. Either I write or I … Continue reading

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Musical Messages from the Universe

Recently I experienced such a profound betrayal that I couldn’t sleep at night. As I attempted to come to grips with the situation, I began to notice musical messages from the universe. Part of what led to the betrayal was … Continue reading

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Drinking from the Saucer

When asked how she was doing, a woman I know answered that her cup was overflowing and she was drinking from the saucer.  The visual made me smile and I always remembered it. Recently I had a ‘drinking from the … Continue reading

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More Tales From The Foot

One of the most difficult parts of my recent foot pain was my inability to take my morning walks. These walks not only provide physical exercise but refresh me mentally. As my foot began to heal, I slowly and carefully … Continue reading

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