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The Joy of Disillusionment

About 4 years ago someone recommended a documentary that sounded uplifting. It wasn’t. After watching the film and thinking about its contents, I felt distressed for a few days.  I went to the website recommended by the documentary and looked … Continue reading

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Resilience and Aging

As I reflected further on Joan Boryesenko’s research on resilience, I realized again how important resilience is to aging. My mother, who is a stone’s throw away from her 89th birthday, is a model of this for me. Last week … Continue reading

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Realism and resilience

In a recent interview, author Joan Borysenko listed five characteristics of resilient people. Borysenko stated that resilient people are realists (as opposed to optimists), have faith, are radically creative, have social support and possess a sense of humor. One of … Continue reading

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Love and Loss

One morning, I spotted two baby swans in a pond near my home. Their grayish feathers made them blend into the environment. Their discovery delighted me. For the next couple weeks, when I biked by the pond or took a … Continue reading

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