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A new story line

My Lenten practice this year was to fast from believing the stories that I tell myself. Although I didn’t do this with 100% success, I did receive a gift from the fast. As I observed my stories, certain themes emerged. … Continue reading

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What would it delight me to write about?

A glance at my list of blog topic ideas didn’t inspire today.  Although I wanted to further explore each of these topics through writing, nothing screamed ‘write about me now.’   To prime my creative pump I asked a question: What … Continue reading

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The Power of Taking Action

Action, action we want action. A-C-T (clap, clap, clap) I-O-N.  We chanted this cheer at our high school basketball games. Usually the only action our small, Catholic high school basketball team experienced was the other team scoring lots of points. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Human Spirit

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.            George C. Scott Because I felt the need for more community, I started a monthly women’s group in January. The first couple meetings only … Continue reading

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