Synchronicity as reminder

Rev. Margaret, the minister at Unity of Myrtle Beach, seldom misses an opportunity to remind the congregation to take a deep breath.  Usually she instructs us to take a deep breath when she’s challenged us in her Sunday message to leave behind pretext and stand in the truth of who we are.

One Sunday I stopped at the grocery store after church.  That morning, Rev. Margaret had instructed us to take a deep breath at least five times during the service.

A time share representative sat at his post in the lobby of the grocery store.  Next to him a sign read “Ask me anything.” Although I’d often seen the man and his sign, something prompted me to stop that morning.

“What is the meaning of life,” I asked with a grin.

“People ask me that a lot,” he responded.  “The meaning of life is to be happy.” He took out a small booklet. “My health insurance company sent me this booklet,” he said.  “It describes ways to improve your health by boosting your sense of happiness and wellbeing.”

“Pick a number between one and ten,” he instructed.  I picked nine.  “There are 3 tips on page 9,” he reported. “Pick one, two or three.”  I picked three.

He read me the third tip on page nine.  The tip espoused the importance of taking deep breaths!

The synchronicity of the message struck me.  Why did I stop to ask him a question that day? Why did I ask him that question? Why did he respond with his tips from his insurance company?  Why did I pick the numbers I picked?

The ‘why’ questions whirling through my mind reminded me about the futility of ‘why’ questions.  I had no answer to these questions.  I could, however, answer “What was the gift of that synchronicity?”

The synchronicity reminded me that there’s something at work in my life that is so much larger than my planning mind can ever figure out.  And that ‘something larger’ has a sense of humor!

A song by Jana Stanfield best summed up the reminder offered by the synchronicity—“Trust the Mystery.”

What do synchronicities in your life help you remember?

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