Can it be easy?

Recently the minister asked me to deliver the children’s message during the Sunday service.  The guest speaker did not want to do it. I agreed, even though it’s not my favorite thing to do. No matter how well planned, something always goes awry with the children’s message.  When I reminded myself that one of the kids would inevitably say or do something goofy, that the congregation would be forgiving, and that it’s only five minutes, I relaxed into the idea

The speaker’s topic sparked an idea for the children’s message. I wrote the idea down. A couple days later, I got another idea and wrote that down. That idea sparked the use of a song refrain that allowed the children to make sound effects.

The delivery went well. Of course one of the kids said something off track and I creatively reigned him back in. The congregation sang along to the song I used. The message tied well to what the speaker addressed.

The process was easy and fun once I surrendered to the knowledge that it would not go as planned but that I could improvise.

Sometimes I allow things in my life to be easy. Sometimes my belief system says ‘this is supposed to be hard,’ so I prove myself right and make it difficult. I’ve decided to experiment with ease. When I notice myself struggle, I’ll stop and ask: What makes me think this has to be hard? What do I need to give up so I can make it easy?

The experience with the children’s message reminds me that when I relax, surrender and trust, I can bring ease to anything I do.

How do you create ease, rather than struggle, in your life?

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