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How Stereotypes Remind Us To Be Curious

“Stereotypes have truth in them but they are not the complete story,” said a woman I met last weekend.  She was born and bred in the South and I was asking her questions about her experience and what it meant … Continue reading

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Staying on track regardless of circumstances

When the renewal documents for our home owner’s insurance arrived, I immediately felt resistance.  We had a difficult experience with them last year and I knew I had to be proactive so we didn’t have a similar problem this year. Just … Continue reading

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The Power of Habit #5

My husband, Tom, and I recently became interested in a TV series that went off the air in 2010. Saving Grace is a cop show with a twist that is set in Oklahoma City. One episode involved a white supremacist … Continue reading

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A Question of Belief

In a session with my coach, I came up against a very old limiting belief that said that I should give my work away rather than charge what it is worth.  When we hit on the belief, visions of nuns … Continue reading

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A Non-football Fan’s Super Bowl Inspiration

As I watch my husband Tom’s mounting enthusiasm about the possibility that his team, the Denver Broncos, might be Super Bowl contenders, I remember my favorite Super Bowls.  What makes it so unusual that I would actually have favorite Super … Continue reading

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