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What’s Mine To Do?

While walking an outdoor labyrinth a couple weeks ago, I got the clear message that no one or nothing needs to be any different than it is. It was the perfect message for me because I could feel myself resisting … Continue reading

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Scarcity or Abundance?

Parker Palmer, in his book The Active Life, writes “The quality of our active lives depends heavily on whether we assume a world of scarcity or a world of abundance.” In my younger days, I unconsciously lived from the assumption … Continue reading

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The Upside of Claiming Essential Power

I recently co-taught a class with a very experienced, highly educated instructor. The morning we were to begin the class, we discovered that the materials we’d received didn’t match up with our published agenda, an agenda which we’d successfully followed in previous … Continue reading

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A Man Named Pearl

The documentary A Man Named Pearl inspired my husband Tom and I to visit Pearl Fryar’s topiary garden in Bishopville, South Carolina. The energetic 73-year-old Fryar gave our group a tour.  Pearl’s mission, he told us, is to express his … Continue reading

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