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What delights you?

Saturday I observed two five-year-old girls on the beach whose activity inspired this question.  The girls diligently dug a hole and protected it with a sand wall.  When the tide came in, a wave slipped over their protective wall. Both … Continue reading

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Focus on Wholeness

I recently spent time with a loved one who is very unhappy and struggling.  His unhappiness is showing up in his body as a number of health problems.  When we went out to dinner, I gave him my perspective.  It … Continue reading

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The Limits of Assumptions

I had a wonderful reminder recently about how my assumptions obstruct me from getting what I want. I attended a conference in the hills of North Carolina with a beautiful location and rustic accommodations.  Upon arrival, I discovered that my … Continue reading

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Cultivating Trust

I’m an efficient packer when I travel. Whether it’s for work or fun, I plan my outfits so that I don’t take a single unnecessary item.  Nothing extra gets thrown into my suitcase in case I need it.  Until last … Continue reading

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