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The Power of Awareness

Awareness opens the door to our Essential Power. Clarity about the connection between awareness and personal power occured for me some years ago after I finally began a daily meditation practice.   I had contemplated starting a daily practice for a … Continue reading

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Roping Personal Power

On May 12, I did a ropes course for the simple reason that I trusted  and wanted to work with the facilitator, David Hiller. I did okay on a couple of the low elements of the course. Then came the … Continue reading

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Is it selfish to claim your power?

I ended my last post with my reason for staying connected to my essential power—so that I could live a creative, generative joyful life that delights me. As I wrote that intention statement, much to my surprise, my old programmed … Continue reading

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Why is personal power Essential Power?

I began thinking of personal power as Essential Power™ as I noticed how my life began to change when I claimed my personal power.  A definition of essential is “absolutely necessary; indispensable.” My exploration of personal power led me … Continue reading

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What is Personal Power?

In my early 20’s a facilitator in a women’s group asked me about my relationship with power.  At the time, I thought of power as something wielded by one or more persons over others, most often used for bad rather … Continue reading

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