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Expansion Without Strain?

On a recent beach walk, I felt totally content. Rather than my mind ricocheting from things I had to do, to goals I wanted to accomplish, to what to make for dinner, my mind remained still. I watched pelicans swoop … Continue reading

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Following the Rules

As a 12-year veteran of the Catholic school system, I learned to follow rules. Although well beyond my school days, I sometimes find myself tempted to follow certain rules, even if they don’t make sense to me. Sunday I came … Continue reading

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What Price Peace of Mind

I observed myself selling my peace of mind for fifty cents recently.  When I returned from a trip, I attempted to use the pay phone at the airport to call my husband.  I didn’t want to make my huge cell … Continue reading

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A Question of Clarity

After deciding to get a smart phone, I inquired about iPhones at the Costco cell phone kiosk. Many of my friends have iPhones and I thought that’s what I’d get.  “We don’t have iPhones,” the rep said.   “What do you … Continue reading

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