Perspective and Outcomes

Recently I grabbed a wad of receipts from my purse.  My mission— to organize the receipts and enter them into Quicken.

One receipt’s print was particularly light and difficult to read. ‘You might want to think about changing your print cartridge’ I mentally admonished the offending store. Unable to decipher the needed information on the receipt, I pulled out a magnifying glass.

As I examined the magnified image, I noticed the store name seemed to be spelled backward. I turned the receipt over and there in clear, black ink was the information required for Quicken.

How many times, I wondered, do I strain to make sense of a situation when a simple shift in perspective would bring that situation into clear focus?

What have you learned about the link between perspective and desired outcomes?

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What excites me is helping people get a new, empowered perspective about themselves and what's possible in their lives.
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