Choosing self-kindness

A few years ago I learned that electronics, like TVs, use electricity while turned off in order to power on more quickly. Once I realized that source of wasted electricity, I bought power strips and I turn the strips off when appliances aren’t in use.

The other night I forgot to turn off the TV power strip before bed. I discovered this the next morning when I put an exercise video into the DVD player and the player’s display was on. I had a moment when I found myself going down the road of self-criticism, despite my new year’s commitment not to do that!

The good news is, I heard the voice in my head start yammering about how wasteful that was, and how could I have forgotten etc. When I heard the voice, I stopped and thought “I could criticize myself or I could use this slip up as a reminder to turn off the power strip next time.”

Unfortunately, that self-critical voice was well-practiced for many years. I’m always grateful for those moments of awareness when I realize that critical voice is softer and less frequent yet still requires a certain amount of diligent monitoring.

Author and speaker Karen Ruth White addresses this penchant of women to criticize themselves. She sells a toy self-flagellation device (photo below) at her talks as a reminder not to be unkind to ourselves.

I leave that toy in my office as an amusing reminder that beating myself up over anything is a waste of time. All I need to do is learn the lesson in any situation and move on.

How do you remember to be kind to yourself when you’ve fallen short of your expectations?


Don't use this at home (or anywhere for that matter!)


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